Theia's Moons was created out of my love and curiosity for the unknown universe.  I grew up on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Star Trek, E.T., etc. and have a love for the Fantasy, Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi genre.  I am thrilled to share my stories with the world and look forward to hearing the feedback! 

My website is under construction, as is the third book of Theia's Moons.  I am learning every day new ways to promote my writings, create a phenomenal series and design a kick ass web page.  Bear with me as I climb this mountain.

A little about me... I have loved writing since I was a little one and have finally taken the steps to put my stories out into the world.  I live in Utah with my partner, our four children and two over sized cats.  I enjoy a whole variety of things, including reading stories that keep me on the edge of my seat, having late night talks with my handsome fireman, creating dysfunctional and funny children, all the while making sure they become functional adults (some call it a talent), having happy/crappy time at the dinner table, playing in the dirt in hopes to create a bountiful garden and sitting quietly on my back porch, sipping my coffee and watching the sun wake up the world.

Come connect with me!

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