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Killer Tails: An Easter Anthology
By Jeremy Simons, Veronique Poirier, Stacy Sparks, Alyssa Drake, Niki Livingston, YM Zachery, J.B Joseph, S. Hancock

Mine and Alyssa Drake's story.

Grammy Sue's Easter Chews

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When Mindy takes her husband camping for Easter weekend, she sets into motion a series of events which forever alter her life.

Waking in a hospital three months later, Jake’s chilling screams echoing in her ears, Mindy struggles to process the horrendous images of her husband’s final moments. Clinging to life, she reveals a sinister tale of gruesome torture to a disbelieving hospital staff.

As more details pour forth and the horrific, secret ingredient in Grammy Sue’s Easter Chews is revealed, Mindy unwittingly places herself in grave danger, drawing the ire of vengeful chocolatier.