Protectors of the Stars

Rising to be a warrior, first requires a bow upon ones knees.

Malkia’s daughter is gone.

Her life is in shambles, and she blames her mothers for their participation in the events that have led her to this place in time. A heavenly war that was started before her birth, a father who despises her because of the powers she possesses, and the separation between her and Esta. Too much heartache and no end in sight.

A desire to know the truth of her existence and her past, leads her down a path of ancient secrets and knowledge. However, the journey is met with many roadblocks, with the entire remaining population of Artemis seeking for her execution. Not to mention, she must find a way to break through her own grief for the one man who is supposed to adore her, in order to be reunited with her baby girl.

Her fire within is brewing, while all the moons of Theia are depending on her to end the tyranny of her father’s supremacy. Will she learn to contain the darkness or will her father’s ploys destroy everything she holds dear?

Protectors of the Stars

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Protectors of the Stars Book Trailer


The shuffling of feet brought Malkia to her knees. Her eyes heavy with sleep, she rubbed them allowing her eyesight to clear. Focusing on the shadowed trees around her, she searched the tree line for the eyes she felt boring into her.

“Apollo,” she whispered, glancing over at her comrade and seeing him standing with his large dagger in his right hand and his staff in the other, scanning the woods as well.

“I heard them,” he replied, his voice steady and his grip tight on his weapons. “Show yourself,” he bellowed into the night sky.

Malkia rose from her knees, both her daggers held firmly in front of her. The shadows in the trees shifted and a large number of people stepped into the light. She scanned their faces, seeing the eyes of the elderly, along with a few young warrior men and women.

A light haired, older man stepped away from the others, his midnight eyes glued to Malkia. “We must ask you to exit the area surrounding the pyramid and follow us to our dwellings.”

“Who are you?” Malkia asked, her daggers shifting as the man stepped closer. “What do you want from us?”

“My name is Duncan and we—” He waved his hand around at his group, “Are the keepers of these structures and have been anticipating this day for hundreds of years.”

He mumbled a few words under his breath and despite her best efforts, Malkia dropped her daggers. She glanced over at Apollo, hearing his weapons strike the ground as well. Eyeing the man with icy contempt, Malkia moved towards Apollo. “What just happened?” She whispered.

“He’s a warlock.” Apollo’s eyes were wide, but he remained composed, curling a protective arm around Malkia.

“Malkia,” Duncan spoke up, his eyes twinkling with delight. “We know who you are and we aren’t your enemies. Please follow us to our dwellings and I will explain everything to you there.” Leaning over, he grasped her daggers and held them out for her to take. “We mean you no harm.”

“And why would we trust you?” Malkia hissed at Duncan, snatching her daggers from him.

His smile didn’t fade, as he chuckled out loud. “You don’t necessarily need to trust us, but following us back to our homes and learning more about your past might help clear up some of the mystery surrounding your life.”

“What do you know about my life?” Malkia asked, shoving her daggers back into their sheaths.

“I know your father,” Duncan replied. “I also knew your grandfather, your mother’s father. Except the truth is, he wasn’t her biological father, and this is why every strange moment that has occurred in your life is significant.”

Malkia’s eyes widened and she inhaled sharply, as he finished speaking. “How do you know this information?”

“Malkia,” Duncan stepped forward, clasping her hands with his own. “I realize you have been thrust into a life that you had no clue about, and I know everything that has occurred since your memory was restored has been overwhelming and absolutely heartbreaking. I’m here to give you valuable information and explain to you why you’re different. Please come with us.”