Enyo's Warrior

They underestimated her, but now she’s taking back what is hers.

Settling down in her new home, Malkia now knows the unvarnished truth, or so she believes. Her memories from her childhood have returned, and she’s aware of her father’s desire to use her as a weapon. With her powers building within, she feels she’ll have the ability to retrieve her daughter from the grasp of her parent’s.

However, the malicious murders inside Domesca’s boundaries, Mataya’s abrupt disappearance, and the sudden change in Dario’s behavior have her second guessing what she thinks she knows. As she is forced to face more evils and life-altering lessons, she wonders if she ever knew any truth about her life.

Embarking on her new journey, she quickly realizes the war she witnessed on Esaki, is nothing compared to the bloodshed and atrocities she will partake in, as Enyo’s Warrior.

Theia's Moons Enyo's Warrior

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Enyo's Warrior Book Trailer

Enyo's Warrior Excerpt

She came upon the house and was overtaken by the pain that surrounded the small home. Tears welled up in her eyes as she entered the front door and saw the massacre before her.

The older child had been beheaded, but not before his parents were disemboweled. Malkia could see the torment that had set into their eyes knowing their child was witnessing a horrifying moment. Their organs were exposed, while their dead eyes stared bewildered at the child’s head which had been deposited on the mantel.

Malkia’s face flushed hot with anger, as her rage began to build. Her father had stepped over a line that could not be erased and as she examined the gruesome scene, she cried out in frustration. Her angry tears flooded her eyes and she quickly wiped them away, leaning against the wall for support.

Damon walked into the room behind her and gasped with disbelief. Jasper’s cry was not far behind, and Malkia guessed Dario must be writhing inside with his silent response.

The war with her people was beginning and she had no idea how they were moving so quickly. She was more powerful than they were. She had the ability to stop them, but not when she had no idea what their next move was. Her head spun with doubt as she studied the heartbreak before her. These people did not have to die. They did not deserve to feel the pain and heartache they had endured before their last breath.

Malkia slowly followed the three men out of the dwelling and accompanied them to each of the three other bloodbaths. The townspeople cried out in shock and anger, as each home was inspected and the bodies were wrapped and moved to the infirmary.

Malkia left the last residency in a fury, racing towards the castle walls. She had to know her sister was safe. She flew through the hallways, not hesitating as she disappeared through her sisters’ door.

The room was deathly still. She glanced over at Mataya’s bed and noticed it was undisturbed. Her nightgown still hung on the edge of the bed unworn. Malkia bolted over to Mataya’s powder room and yanked open the door. The room was dark and empty.