Eyes Wide Shut

Sometimes the ones closest to us are the ones to fear the most.

The battle of the sky people ended years earlier and the dwindled population of the moon Esaki cleaned up their world, slowly beginning to enjoy life once again.

Malkia was chosen as the new leader of her town and with the help of her friends, they built it into their sanctuary, grateful they had another chance at life. However, after all these years, impending danger was drawing near and they had no choice, but to decide to face the barbarians or run for their lives.

Malkia and her people travel through their broken and deserted world to escape the savages, hot on their tails. Their adventures collide them with the mystical creatures from ancient tales, place them in the path of uncertain death, and remind them they were never alone in the universe.

Life is not what it seems and as their eyes are forced open to the truth, the world as they know it crumbles beneath their feet.

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut

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Eyes Wide Shut Book Trailer

Eyes Wide Shut Excerpt

Malkia slapped Parowan’s side and the three men did the same, just as she heard the rush of feet beating against the terrain and barreling towards them. Parowan was clearing the tall vegetation, when whatever it was smashed into Malkia. She tumbled off Parowan’s back, hitting the hard, dirt ground with a thud. She gasped for air, before a boulder collided with her side, flinging her into a nearby tree.

She knew she was done. Blood trickled down her face, streaming into her mouth as she gagged from the copper taste. Her breath came in short, while she blinked feverishly trying to restore her sight.

Then she heard Dario yell her name.

Oh no, he came back for me. They will kill him!

She tried to stand up, but toppled back down to the ground, scratching her face against the brush. Her eye stung from the impact, but her sight began to return as she finally inhaled deeply, catching her breath.

“Run Dario, run!” Malkia shrieked as loud as she could holler. Her voice was cracked and shallow and she knew he couldn’t possibly hear her.

She glanced around trying to focus and gain her bearings. Rising again, she stumbled forward and caught herself on a tree. She saw movement to the right of her as Dario sprinted towards her. She heard the whistle of the arrow, before she saw Dario fall. Striking the ground with a crash, he slid face down into the base of tree.

“No!” She screamed louder then she thought possible, running as fast as her legs and vertigo would allow.

Just before she reached Dario, someone with an overly strong grip, snatched her body and yanked her away from him. She shrieked, crying and struggling desperately against the rock hard body she was carried against. A hand eased over her mouth, shoving what tasted like lakseed into her mouth and forced it down her throat. Moments later she felt herself slip into blackness.