How i blocked my work in global news ... right after school

Mollie Brown divided the way she broke into the broadcast media through her first Global News work

Just over a year ago, Twitter, location, grammar, and binding became more than just a hobby

But let' s go back to that

Issuing. Your future is bright. Your dreams are big

You've been working on it for years. And you have the same chomas that you have a diploma so you can throw that cap in the air. You are ready to enter the labor force with your head

I just described the scene from Elle Woods

" I was constantly reminded that I was entering a fierce, competitive, even said

For the last two years I worked in the program "Broadcast Journalism" at the company Sheridan College in Oakville Ont

And I was constantly reminded that I was entering a hard, competitive, even to say

As in many programs, the last hurdle in my graduation race was seniority. The letters were sent, the applications were filled, and the phones were not. I had my heart in an internship with a very specific lifestyle. And made it clear (anyone who would listen) how much I wanted it to be

When the time came for an interview, every single one. One of the people I knew who applied for this internship was called in for an interview. Everyone but me

"I could not understand why I was the only one who didn' t choose from a handful of CVs with identical experience."

To say that I was hard on myself, that's a prejudgement. I could not understand why only mine had not been selected from a handful of summaries with identical experience

Months later, I came to the fact that one of my teachers had a short list request, and my name wasn't included. Your teachers pay tuition, they don't get paid like you

... all this time when it is accepted that this will ever happen. The Internship. That's why I've done most of it. I learned how to study, early or early, to meet as many people as I could meet, and I was soaked with all the advice and information they had to offer

"I had a hell of a reason to be unemployed," it's a really complicated industry

My rent was in a crappy, dark, basement flat in Oakville

I fired my job at the bar. I don't have time for work every day. I gave up what was left of my student loan. I had a damn good excuse to be unemployed, "It's a really good industry", and he's already started to dream about traveling

That was as long as my internship wasn't over, I was offered the position of Social Media Coordinator. Global news was gonna pay me for a tweet, a post, a gram, and "snap." my teachers

A year later, when I work with some of the best in business, I don't think I can offer you a board of work for your industry. But here's what I know

If you have five qualified employees with identical skills, and you know that you are potentially going to work with one of these people

At the beginning of your internship or career, your technical skills are the most important. But as this happens, these technical skills are becoming less important, because there is a stack of abstracts from people with the same skills. The way you interact with people starts to use a lot more

Social networks weren't and not my dream job. If you love the company and the position opens, you can give it up. Go to the door. You broke it, remember?

When I entered my program, I was dead to become a leading or entertaining reporter. I wanted to be on television. I'm not only on TV (obviously), but the more I work in the industry, I'm not sure being on the air is even my goal

I'm moving forward in my career, one regret that I didn' t take the full advantage of studying while I was at school. I was

That sounds like a cliche, but it's true. In fact, everything you've learned in the hundreds of hours you've spent in your classroom is largely useless in the real world. Maybe it's a little extreme (I'm telling myself I'm drowning in student loans)

"In fact, everything you've learned in the hundreds of hours you spent in your classroom is largely useless in the real world."

One of the best tips I got in my internship was from the camera operator. In response to the "constructive criticism" that I once received from the teacher, the camera operator told me, "Your teacher is not working in this industry."

Find out more than you can while you have a chance. Be the first to come and the last one left. Ask questions

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Molly is a full-time multimedia journalist and social media coordinator currently residing in Toronto. She survives on black coffee, in sunlight and very little sleep